How do we help you to succeed?

  • World-class instructors

    Our instructors are seasoned practitioners and consultants who work in the fields their cover every day. What you learn is tightly integrated into the real world so that you never need to ask on wonder: "do we really need to know this?"

  • Engaging Hands-on Learning

    We don't do "boring" in any of our learning experiences. Executive development requires engaging, hands-on cases, labs and practical applications. You mean by doing. As importantly, what you learn can be put in practice immediately.

  • Perfect Program Management

    The bulk of our training is to teams of professionals working a large enterprises or organizations. Hence, our program managers ensure the pieces stay into place perfectly, and all delegates (students) remain engaged and complete their training.

What people are saying...

“I cannot stress how amazing this Azure bootcamp was for me and my colleagues. I was really excited to know that [globally, well-known instructor] was going to train us in Azure. I’ve been a huge fan of his courses on Udemy. On top of that, we got to learn a lot from [another well-known instructor) and the Comp Cases, which I loved. It felt like we were actually doing a project. Most importantly, hats off to [the Starweaver program managers] for making all this happen. You were on top of everything, from the announcements, the grading, the feedback, the recordings – everything! Me and my colleagues who work for the same client have been raving about the boot camp to everyone else. It is definitely a general consensus that this bootcamp was the best learning experience we’ve had.”


“Starweaver delivered a 6-week artificial intelligence and machine learning course for over 250 people with great results. The content was deep and on target, and I feel that the Starweaver team's expertise in designing the curriculum and managing its delivery was superb. ”


“I have known members of the Starweaver team for many years. They were deeply involved in the competency development of associates in the BFS vertical in Tata Consultancy. The team offered superior training and Thought Leadership programmes with high degree of commitment and professionalism. ”


“Starweaver and I have collaborated on cybersecurity training initiatives for the past three years and have a range of contracts to collaborate on into the future. The work together is excellent and interesting. Beyond that the Starweaver team is very professional and cogent in all of our endeavors. As a result of this, it has provided me the opportunity to connect with top clients and provide customized hands-on training to professionals around the world. The clients Starweaver has are excellent and the management of training they coordinate is exceptional.”


“I have worked in the machine learning field for many years and I am very impressed by the quality of ML and AI training that the Starweaver team delivers. Not only is that training top notch content but it also is delivered in innovative, engaging ways that is out-of-the-box, and way above and beyond the norm. The Starweaver management is highly creative, client-centric and driven to produce knowledgeable student-delegates.”


“I have worked with the Starweaver team delivering training programs on various frameworks for best practices in IT services. The organization clearly has great client relationships, and a facility for working with subject matter experts (such as me) that is second to none. Clear requirements; excellent coordination and management; and, great client and subject matter rapport. I have found the leadership and program managers to be straight-up and happy to recommend working with the team to any instructor or subject matter expert. ”


“It has been great delivering training with Starweaver on advanced VoiceXML in the US and overseas for global financial institutions. The program management and curriculum design team very clearly lays out road maps, plans ahead around likely pain points, and rapidly trouble-shoots the inevitable last-minute issues that arise in custom training programs. It is clear that they bend over backwards to ensure that both clients and instructors work have a great working relationship. I have very much enjoyed working with the team and have no doubt their clients and other instructors do, as well.”


“I managed over 50 technology and process training courses that Starweaver delivered to perfection for Tata Consultancy Services during a 30 month period. Each program was conducted by a top instructor; the program and course coordination was excellent; and, the costing was always very fair and reasonable. Once we share our training requirements with Starweaver, we know their team is “on it” and has always made sure we receive consistently excellent results.”


“I managed several very successful training programs working with Starweaver involving hundreds of delegates, including live online courses in Machine Learning and Blockchain. I was very happy with the overall experience as it met our training expectations, the prompt service and support received. The Starweaver instructors are highly professional with immense knowledge when it comes to delivering the content, engagement (through Slack), and program management. I highly recommend Starweaver to anyone looking for creative, solid and on-target training.”


“We have had a great experience working with Starweaver including on multiple workshops — live and online programs — across a wide spectrum from core to advanced subjects and audiences. Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. Big data. And, much more. Great team. Great organization. Easy to work. Perfect results.”


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